Smokey Brights Offer Autumnal Soundtrack on 7”

The members of Smokey Brights describe their music as warm, vintage pop with a rock edge—and for good reason. You’ll feel this from the opening notes of the Seattle-based act’s Beg, Borrow, and Steal 7˝ (out now, self-released,

In the same vein as Fleet Foxes and The Head and the Heart, the five-piece creates stuff that just screams autumn in the Pacific Northwest. Much like Smokey Brights’ previous releases, “Beg, Borrow, and Steal” and its flip side, “Exotic Pets,” are full of orchestral arrangements, flowing melodies, good stories, and impeccable harmonies. Heavily rooted in folk-rock and Americana, this release is a small taste of what fans can expect from the band’s upcoming full-length, which they plan to record this winter. And while the band admits they’re looking to develop a more cohesive rock sound, the folk undertones—shaped heavily by Ryan Devlin and Kim West’s harmonies and guitarist Mike Kalnoky’s intricate blues stylings—continue to be an integral part of the band’s sound. And we really, really like it.

Smokey Brights play Fri., Oct. 18, at the Tractor Tavern. Tickets available here.

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