Mike McGinn: ‘I Believe in Plowing Snow’

The mayor is out with a new 30-second campaign ad that contains ten, count ‘em, ten, “I believe” pronouncements. Our favorite “I believe” is that Mike McGinn believes in plowing snow. This is a good thing, and voters -- who have just a week from today to mail their ballot -- would be well advised to fill in the bubble for the guy who believes in snow removal. Hopefully, McGinn also believes in salting the roads, a belief, which had ex-mayor Greg Nickels shared, he might have won a third term four years ago.

There are nine other things McGinn believes in (we are quite sure he has many, many more beliefs than that, but there’s only so much you can say in 30 seconds), including gun-free zones, building transit, paid sick leave, stopping coal trains and preschool for every child in Seattle.

It is an effective ad, reminding people of the kinds of basic things (ie: snow removal) that a mayor is supposed to do, and the McGinn campaign hopes it will prompt the still estimated 15 to 20 percent of the electorate that is undecided to ask: “Wonder what Ed Murray believes?”

The ad began airing during last night’s Monday Night Football game. The campaign spent $80,000 on a cable buy.

Meanwhile, both campaigns have begun to put their ground games into high-gear, which we will discuss tomorrow.

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