Tunesday News: Vita’s Coffee for the Kids, Bikini Kill Charity Cover, and More

The holidays are just around the corner and today’s Tunesday is brimming with the charitable feeling of the season. First up: Caffe Vita’s Coffee for the Kids: From the 4th through the 8th, the local java shop is donating 10% of all sales to The Vera Project. With that nip in the air, there’s no better time to order a large mocha and stretch those dollars in the name of all-ages arts and music! If you’re feeling especially generous, download a copy (or three, each purchase is a unique download code, so you can gift liberally!) of Give 2013, Vita’s holiday-issued music sampler. This year’s loaded 27-track release features Shabazz Palaces, Of Montreal, Beat Connection, Telekinesis, and every other band you can possibly think of, including The Head and the Heart (its new album, in case you haven’t heard, is legit, too). 100% of proceeds from that purchase go to Vera. Happy, caffeinated Holidays to one and all!

Speaking of glad tidings, some dude named Craig Owens (of some band named Chiodos) just released a cover of Bikini Kill’s “Rebel Girl” to raise money for Girls Rock Camp Alliance and Equal Rights Advocates (ERA). What a sweet dude! The track is $2, was recorded and produced by Dave Trumfio (Wilco, Granddaddy, Ok Go) and is available here . (Side note: Original Bikini Kill riot grrrl Kathleen Hanna recently played a Seattle show with her new band, the Julie Ruin.) Buy it now, you generous, magnificent bastards!

Other coolness: Renton’s own Jimi Hendrix is the featured subject in tonight’s episode of the PBS series American Masters. The program, titled Hear My Train a Comin’, airs at 9 p.m. on KCTS and will usher in a season of Hendrix-related birthday events (the legendary axman would be 71 this November 27). One such celebration is being organized by Tina Hendrix, Jimi’s niece and founder of The Hendrix Music Academy, a non-profit group that aims to provide music education, intervention, and mentoring programs to at-risk kids, and will take place at none other than the Vera Project later this month. More information about the party can be found here .

A few more blips for your radar: More K and Sub Pop debut reissues continue to stream in. Girl Trouble’s seminal debut Hit It Or Quit It will reissue on January 21st. The above trailer is a sneak peak of the album and band by Isaac Olsen, who’s currently making a documentary about the group. SP founder Bruce Pavitt had this to say about it: “The garage drive and brilliant irreverence of this record still rings true...this priceless recording not only belongs on your turntable, but truly deserves to be placed behind glass at the Smithsonian.”

Good to know one of grunge’s founding fathers has retained his sense of humor. On that note, Jack Endino, has remastered Soundgarden’s debut album Screaming Life; that little nugget, with the bonus Fopp EP, drops on November 26th. He too keeps a playful ‘tude when reminiscing about recording the album, one of the first he made outside his own band: “By now, ‘grunge’ was blowing up, and Kim and Chris’ lyrics about Seattle on “Sub Pop Rock City” are so hilariously scathing that it’s unfortunate you can’t make out most of them.” You can pre-order Hit It Or Quit It here and Screaming Life here.

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