Macklemore Reps ACLU in New Vid: “It’s Your Vagina, Do What You Want With It!”

Macklemore didn’t climb on top of Dick’s in his new video.

He didn’t even make the video for a song.

Rather, Mack Daddy’s new video is for a card: the American Civil Liberties Union member card. The “Same Love” rapper pitches it as the card “that lets my gay friends marry the hell out of each other.”

If that doesn’t grab you, Macklemore also sells it as “the card that says ‘Hey, it’s your vagina, and you should be able to do what you want with it.’”

Macklemore’s unexpected sponsorship comes after the ACLU approached local quirkizoid ad agency Wexley School For Girls in an attempt to raise awareness of the non-profit organization amongst young adults and teens.

“There is no other organization that I believe in more. The tireless work of the ACLU to preserve the freedoms of all people in our country inspires my music and my deepest connection to my human community,” Macklemore says. “To be in a position where young people look to me for their own ideas about equality makes this opportunity even more important. I am forever grateful for everything that the ACLU has done and continues to do.”

According to the release, “People who join the ACLU after viewing the video can choose one of two special t-shirts designed for the campaign. The project also includes a sweepstakes that gives entrants the chance to win two tickets plus meet-and-greet passes to see Macklemore perform live in Seattle on December 12, along with roundtrip air transportation to Seattle, hotel accommodations and spending money.”

Seattle’s musical heavyweights seem to be jumping into the political ring as of late: yesterday Death Cab For Cutie’s Chris Walla became an unofficial spokesman for Obamacare. Next we’ll have Robin Pecknold announcing his presidency of the U.S. Lumber Lobby.

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