GQ Tells Us What We Already Know: Russell Wilson Was a Hero of Week 13

You catch that Seahawks game last night? Of course you did ...

That being the case, you don’t need renowned men’s fashion magazine GQ to tell you Russell Wilson played out of his mind while dismantling the (supposedly) second-best team in the NFC on Monday Night Football.

But it did it anyway.

As Drew Magary writes: “The annoying thing about Russell Wilson is that all the lavish praise heaped upon him by announcers and columnists is completely and utterly justified. He’s awesome.”

Oh, and there’s more:

You can credit his running back and defense all you like, but Wilson sure as shit ain’t riding their coattails. He gunned a pass to Ricardo Lockette last night, for crying out loud. If you’re a fan of a team other than the Seahawks, watching Wilson elicits a heady mixture of admiration and INSANE JEALOUSY. Why can’t that be our quarterback? Fuck. It’s as if the Seahawks are playing a completely different, and better, sport than their opponents right now.

If the 12th Man needed anything else to make it smile today (which it didn’t), that ought to do it.

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