49ers Fans Ask The Right Question

Editor’s note: The views and opinions expressed in this pro-49ers screed are those of Ellis E. Conklin and do not reflect the views and opinions of Seattle Weekly or its proud, local ownership group.

With good reason, 49ers fans have grown tired of all this 12th Man propaganda, not to mention Seattle’s bizarre fascination with breaking decible levels.

The last straw, though, came yesterday during the 49ers’ glorious victory, when two Seahawk fans, Travis Platt aned Cedric Morris, had the unmitigated gall to hire a banner plane to fly the 12th Man flag over the hallowed grounds of Candlestick Park, where once the likes of Joe Montana, Jerry Rice and Steve Young stole the hearts of residents of the great City By the Bay. Adding further insult was the news that the 12th Man is paying for a brick at the 49ers’ soon-to-be-built $1.2 billion Levi Stadium, The Field of Jeans as Niners CEO Jed York is calling it. That’s funny, 12th Man, real funny.

In fact, 49ers are laughing so hard that one fan has employed a crowd funding website, gofundme.com, to raise money to buy a billboard next to CenturyLink Field.

On the billboard will be an inspiring picture of San Francisco’s five Super Bowl trophies. And beneath it, a caption that asks the question that must haunt all 12th Man enthusiasts: “How many do you have?” Beautiful!

Seahawk fans, many of whom slept fitfully last night, their restless dreams filled with images of Frank Gore’s 51-yard gallop, aren’t impressed. One told KING 5, “I think having to rent a billboard to try to intimidate a team is a little pathetic. But you can’t fault them for trying - it’s just not going to work.”

Time will tell, 12th Man. See you in January.

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