WA State Rep: AZ a "Racist Wasteland"

Yesteday's Seahawks defeat against the Arizona Cardinals seems to have especially stung for Washington State lawmaker Joe Fitzgibbon, who took to Twitter to express his discontent.

The AP is reporting that Fitzgibbon posted a now deleted tweet reading:

"Losing a football game sucks. Losing to a desert racist wasteland sucks a lot."

Fitzgibbon, a Democrat who ran unnopposed in 2010, is the representative for Washington's 34th District, which encompasses West Seattle, Burien and Vashon Island.

Republican Washington State Rep J.T. Wilcox took to Twitter to quickly admonish him for the remark:

Fitzgibbon didn't think people should get too riled up though.

When questioned about his tweet, he responded, "If folks are going to take that too seriously, then I'm sorry about that."

UPDATE: The official Arizona Cardinals has posted a special "dedication" Tweet to Joe Fitzgibbon:

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