Dude York's "Hesitate" Sounds Like Bruce Springsteen Kissing The Strokes in Miami

Picture this—it's spring break in Florida and Bruce Springsteen is in a hot tub. Julian Casablancas is just across the way. He's eyeballing The Boss, wondering if he should go over and tell him he's madly in love with him.

Then, all of the sudden, Dude York appear poolside and start playing "Hesitate."

"How do I know that you won't hesitate/And maybe break my heart?" lead singer Peter Richards starts drunkenly howling.

The song the band starts playing—a mix of Springsteen's horn-laden Americana swagger with The Strokes' jangly guitar and hi-hat happy disco drumming—is the sonic manifestation of the beautiful noise Casablancas and Springsteen could be making together if they'd just get over it.

"You gotta be dangerous uh uh/Oh you know you gotta take the risk," Richards eggs them on.

And then all of the sudden, the two passionately kiss in the Miami sun and a bunch of flamingos fly overhead.

That's what the track above sounds like to me, at least.

Local trio Dude York is releasing its latest record Dehumanize on Help Yourself Records, due out January 28. "Dehumanize" is the second track we've heard from the record, the first being "Cannibal."

Walla Walla natives and recent Seattle transplants (like their sisterbros/labelmates in Chastity Belt), Dude York have taken a refreshing new direction on this track—taking that straight rock and roll churn they've trademarked and, well, getting Bruce and Julian to make out on top of it.

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