A Frigid 2014: Seattleites Take the Polar Plunge in Lake Washington

Every year, while the rest of the city is just beginning to battle their hangovers from the night before, a group of brave humans gather at Lake Washington to greet the New Year head on.

Hundreds line up to jump into the frigid waters in an admirable display of fortitude known as the Polar Plunge. This year was no different, as the frozen masses shivered and clattered their way into the lake and quickly back out to cocoon themselves with towels. Those who survived the ordeal were awarded the noble "Polar Bear Badge."

According to Seattle Parks and Rec, "Plungers are 'polarized' towards two styles. Some luxuriate in the refreshingly brisk waters. Others only stay in as long as they can 'bear' it."

Check out our slideshow from yesterday's plunge here to see if you can spot the two styles.

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