​'Hangin Tuff' ​Takes Seattle Bands Out On a Hot Tub Boat

Bobbi Rich liked Kurt Cobain best in a banana suit.

"When he came out in that costume for Headbanger's Ball I fell in love with Nirvana. Or when I saw Alice Cooper on the Muppet Show, this dark heavy rock and roll guy hanging out with puppets, I loved that."

Easy Bake Coven, an art and film collective Rich formed with her friends, is attempting to bring back that early, goofier music coverage with its own show, Hangin Tuff. Based on the ADD-riddled glee of Pee-wee's Playhouse and the personable interview style of early MTV shows like Yo! MTV Raps or Beach House—Hangin Tuff is a web-based nautical variety show that takes local bands out on Lake Union in a hot tub boat, and submits them to the whims of drunken mermaids and science fact spewing Krakens.

"A lot of web videos on music is just an interview and then the band plays," Rich says. "I just want to make bands more relatable and get those little pieces of their humanity instead of having them go 'Oh this is our next single, it's coming out soon, blah blah blah blah.​ I miss getting to see a band's personality."

Rich's schemes are working—she said she got local rapper Jarv Dee to reveal his past as a tap dancer. In her Halloween themed La Luz episode, she took the ladies in the band to a haunted corn maze and captured their unfiltered terror.

"They were screaming and squealing out there in the dark, it's great stuff," Rich says. "It's just the real them."

Rich has five episodes lined up for the first season, featuring Fly Moon Royalty, La Luz, Jarv Dee, Don't Talk to the Cops and Half-Breed, and is hoping to raise enough money for a second season. Eventually, she'd like to take the show to the TV screen.

"We've got big dreams for the show. We want to build our own hot tub boat and tour it around."

Until then, you can catch the first episode with Fly Moon Royalty up top. If you want to catch the rest of the show, Rich will be debuting the entire season at Central Cinema on Feb. 6.

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