Tunesday: New Wimps EP, Deadkill LP, Cobain Portrayed By 'Shark Night 3D' Star in New Bio

Wimps Release Party at the Wrong Time EP

Local three-piece, Wimps, are having a good month. Ira Glass surprised the band when he put "Repeat," a tune about being stuck in life's monotnous ruts from the group's first album, at the end of a new This American Life. The episode was appropriately named "Stuck in the Middle."

And now, having cemented themselves as Seattle's most erudite punk band by landing on NPR's flagship show, they are keeping the steam rolling with a brand new EP, Party at the Wrong Time. Full of yelpy shredders about swallowing dog pills and being distracted, it will probably be the best eight minutes of your day today. Get the "fluorescent lemon-lime colored vinyl" 7" over at Help Yourself Records.

Deadkill's Sophomore LP No, Never!

Our resident metalhead James Ballinger described Deadkill's new LP as "no-frills, up-tempo rage-punk, a buzzsaw of a record." He also noted that upon listening, "you can practically taste the cheap canned beer and smell the bodily fluids." If you like cheap canned beer and bodily fluids, you are definitely going to love the band's record release show this Friday at Chop Suey with Dust Moth, Rookery and Into Violence.

Pick the LP up at Good to Die Records, where it's available on "Ox Blood" vinyl.

New Kurt Cobain Doc Currently Filming

Soaked in Bleach, a new documentary about Kurt Cobain's last days, is currently filming. It's mysterious Facebook page promises, "The truth about the final days of Kurt Cobain's life. Doused in mud by investigative negligence. Soaked in bleach by media misinformation."

Cobain will be played by Tyler Bryan, who you may know better from Shark Night 3D, as well as Sarah Scott (from The Artist) playing Courtney Love. Check out the full IMDB here for a cast of characters, which looks to include former Seattle Weekly columnist Duff McKagan.

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