Bill Gates Puts On Russell Wilson Jersey for Jimmy Fallon

OK, so Bill Gates was only seen in a Russell Wilson jersey for a few seconds last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. But with Seattle’s insatiable appetite for all things Seahawks right now, you can hardly blame us for sticking it in the headline. Plus, if the Wilson jersey helps get the word out about the annual Gates Letter - which was the real reason for his appearance - we’re pretty sure Bill won’t mind.

In two segments last night, Gates talked with the ever-awkward Fallon about a number of topics, from what he thinks the next big thing in computing will be to whether or not his kids are sometimes embarrassed of him. As stated, however, the bulk of Gates’ time on the show was spent pimping the Gates Letter, which the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation publishes annually and is used to dispel three myths “that block progress for the poor.” This year’s letter includes the myths “Poor countries are doomed to stay poor,” “Foreign aid is a big waste,” and “Saving lives will lead to overpopulation.” The first two myth takedowns are written by Bill Gates, while the third was penned by Melinda Gates.

Back to the Wilson jersey: In an attempt to get the word out about the Gates Letter, the folks at Fallon came up with a would-be “viral” video where Gates appears in a slew of different outfits while repeating “Gates letter dot com,” to a catchy club beat. One of the outfits, naturally, is the Wilson jersey and Seahawks hat seen in the screenshot above.

You can find the Gates Letter here.

And here's the clip from Fallon:

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