Super Bowl Party Animals Make a Mess Out of Pioneer Square Pergola

The thrill of victory ended in the agony of defeat – at least for the famous Pergola that has graced the heart of Pioneer Square for more than a century.

Seems some giddy, booze-fueled fans got a trifle out of hand last evening and, unwittingly or not, had their way with the wrought-iron ornate archway, though nothing to rival the beating the Seahawks put on the Denver Broncos.

Overly exuberant celebrants walked on top of the Pergola, breaking 17 laminated glass panes, each of which has to be specially made at a cost of around $900.

Climbers also damaged copper flashing that will have to be replaced, while the whole structure will have to be spray-washed and painted to clean up graffiti. Estimated price tag: $25,000.

The first buildings following the Great Fire of 1899 were built around Pioneer Square, and in 1909 the Pergola was constructed as a shelter over an underground restroom, known as “the finest underground restroom in the United States.” The entire thing was rebuilt in 2001 after it was knocked down by a truck.

Overall, though, it was a pretty quiet night, considering the city’s greatest sports triumph in 35 years, unless you consider bonfires, a couch fire and a few burnt mattresses on Greek Row anything to write home about.

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