The Geekly Report: Four Seattle Kickstart Campaigns Nerds Will Love

It’s no secret that Seattle is an innovative city full of thinkers and tinkerers, so it’s only natural that the city owes a lot to crowd-funding platforms that help all those ideas come to life. The geek community is in great debt to Kickstarter in particular. Local cartoonist Kris Straub used it to publish Broodhollow, his popular online comic, in a beautiful hardbound edition, while Sasquatch Game Studio raised enough money to make Primeval Thule, its RPG campaign, a reality (they’re currently in the process of finishing it).

Seattle has more great geeky projects currently being funded at Kickstarter. I love seeing fellow nerds succeed, but I especially love helping local nerds succeed, so check out these Kickstarters and see which speak to your inner nerd. I have backed all of these projects, and want to see them become a reality. Help me help you, Seattle! Our city and fellow geeks will thank you.

The Doubleclicks’ New Album Dimetrodon + Weekly Songs Local nerd band Doubleclicks plays songs about the important things in life, like Dungeons & Dragons, books, and dinosaurs. They also made a great video last year about lady geeks, titled “Nothing to Prove,” and wrote the official Cards Against Humanity theme song (both brilliant!). The Doubleclicks want to make a new album and release a song a week, which is no small feat. If you like their music, consider making a donation to make this project a reality. Kickstarter ends Feb. 18.

Geeky Sprinkles: Fun Sprinkle Shapes for Geeky Baking Local blogger Geeky Hostess aims to make sprinkles representing three genres of fandom—Doctor Who, steampunk, and Harry Potter. If you’re a nerd who likes to bake, this tasty, geektastic project is easy to back. Kickstarter ends Feb. 18.

Troubadour—An Interactive Graphic Novel Started by local indie gaming company Cicatriz, Troubadour is one of the more creative Kickstarter projects I’ve seen: an interactive graphic novel “about accepting the responsibilities and expectations of life in a world of toxic distractions,” complete with a point-and-click video game and music. If they get the funding, Troubadour will be available on PC and Mac. Kickstarter ends Feb. 21.

Terrene Odyssey: Battle Card Game Created by the small team of lifelong gamers at CGC Games, Terrene is a 1v1 or 2v2 card game based on traditional RPG battle systems; it aims to be complex enough for hardcore gamers but accessible for casual gamers. Already beta-playtested, the game is ready to go—the makers just need a little help getting to the final stages of physical production. Check out the video and images for more details. Kickstarter ends Feb. 26.

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