Special Issue: Voracious Dining Guide

The 2014 Voracious Dining Guide is a celebration of Seattle’s explosive Food + Drink scene, one that’s increasingly getting recognition nationally. But how do you sum up a year of so much yummy-ness?

It occurred to me that maybe the big picture lies in the details. To that end, we’ve deconstructed some key aspects of Seattle dining. We’ve talked to chefs not about their grand vision, but rather about a single, out-of-the-box ingredient they’re particularly passionate about. We teamed with Seattle architects to give you an insider’s look at just what goes into creating a great dining space, with lots of fascinating anecdotes about local restaurants they’ve designed. We’ve also honed in on a style of wine that’s making its way onto many a Seattle drink menu, one that’s truly a sum of its parts. And of course, there’s our list of more than 100 favorite places to eat and drink—from New Pacific Northwest and Mexican to Bakeries and Breweries (and 13 other categories).

Click here to view a digital version of the 2014 Voracious Dining Guide and indulge your palates!

Nicole Sprinkle

Food + Drink Editor

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