Childbirth Uncomfortably Discuss Lady Sex In New Vid For 'How Do Girls Even Do It?'

Last time local punks Childbirth made a video, the band pelvic-thrusted its way into Seattle's hearts by sighing about how "I Only Fucked You As A Joke." Julia Shapiro, Bree McKenna and Stacey Peck keep up the fem-crit-shredding with their newest video, "How Do Girls Even Do It?"

In this video outing, the ladies appear on a brief talk-show segment and get interviewed by Pony Time's Luke Beethem, who earnestly inquires as to how girls actually engage in coitus with one another. While the answers are less than illuminating, the video, directed by the band's own Stacey Peck, is hilarious and wonderfully simple. Just goes to show that a good concept will beat out a big budget every time.

Listen to the rest of Childbirth's Help Yourself Records cassette right here. It will only take you about 12 minutes:

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