Fisherman's Village, a Big Festival in a Small Town

Year after year we see new music festivals crop up all across the country. It's hard to know where is your best bet for a great time and a as much bang for your buck as possible. The big ones will get you some really big names. The small boutique ones will give you an intimate experience and very possibly get you up close and personal with the musicians that moments before you were swooing over. The unfortunate side effect of both these festivals is cost. To keep the small ones small, they have to charge a lot to make up for fewer tickets and the bigger fests have to deal with an insane amount of overhead cost and so their tickets are pricey as well. What can you do when you just want to see lots of good music for a cost that won't empty your account.

Fisherman's Village Music Festival up in Everett did a great job of fitting into this niche. While only in their first year, they were able to grab a few bigger names like Gardens & Villa, Rose Windows and La Luz. The majority of the acts were Seattle-centric, solid, and looking to be seen and heard. I think Fisherman's Village (with its kitchy but fun nautical theme) did exactly what it should do... not over-reach but bring great groups to a smaller town that doesn't get the opportunity to see so much music. Seattle is a bit pampered, hell I'll say it, we're spoiled. Many of us don't really appreciated what a unique situation we have with music playing every single night of the week. Everett, only twenty minutes north (without traffic), feels like an eternity away and overlooked by most traveling acts. There seemed to be very few snafus, some bands running late but that's typical with nearly every fest, and enough great music to bring out Seattleites for a sunny weekend with our neighbors to the North.

There's one act that I was particuarly excited to see, a trio of sisters named Joseph. While I'm not particularly interested in classic folk with heavy harmonies, for some reason these ladies caught my attention. On the advice of a friend I checked out their Kickstarter a few months ago and damned if I didn't find myself whistling along to the two songs they had released to that point. I was hungry for more, and thankfully their album was fully funded and hit my email soon after. I knew I had to see them live; it sounded great on a recording but experiencing a band like this in person would be otherworldly, and I wasn't disappointed. They're off on tour this month on both the west and east coasts, but will be back to play at the Fremont Abbey on June 19th. That'll give you plenty of time to give them a listen and plan your next trip to the Abbey.

Don't forget to check out the slideshow for the entire weekend here, it'll make you wish you made the trip to spend a sunny weekend in Everett.

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