Final Day at Sasquatch With Lucius On My Mind and In My Head

The first thing about the Brooklyn-based Lucius that captured my attention was their visual aesthetic. I couldn’t look away. Their mod, futuristic-yet-60’s garb had me pulled in, possibly because I’m a photographer, but either way it was doing it’s job. They had my attention, but I wondered if they would keep it as I waited patiently at the Yeti stage for their set to start. Boom! went the first heavy drum beat, then the vocals came in “Ha!” and weirdly I was hooked from there on out by the lively and dance-worthy melodies. It usually takes me a few songs to decide how I feel… or maybe (and more likely) I just want to believe that and snap judgements rule my musical tastes. Well, I was swayed and started sliding my hips back and forth even before the first song was over; only very slightly though, I couldn’t break my icy Seattle music fan demeanor. Oh wait, yes I could, and as soon as I was out of the way of other fans I let loose.

I had listened to their music before and really liked it, but live performances are the real litmus test. If I see a band that just falls flat on stage, I lose nearly all interest in them. It’s a strange reaction, I realize, but I feel like most bands need to connect with their audience and show passion (in whatever form that takes) for what they’re doing. If it doesn’t show, if they look bored or bothered while playing for the people that make their careers possible, I just write them off. Not fair? Maybe, but it’s the way I work. Lucius proved themselves to be a well-rounded group putting on a solid set and looking good in the process.

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