Appropriate or Not?: Redditors Post SPU Hero's Wedding Registry and Are Buying Him Gifts

Jon Meis, the 22-year-old engineering student who pepper sprayed and tackled the gunman in yesterday's Seattle Pacific University shooting, is being hailed a hero around the internet today.

Meis, a senior at SPU, is also currently engaged to be married.

Some Redditors on r/Seattle found Meis' wedding registry and have posted it to the site. Commentors have been jumping on the opportunity to show their thanks by purchasing household goods for Meis like paper towel holders and loaf pans, calling for the registry to get crossposted across the giant forum in the hopes that people will flood Meis with anonymous gift cards. But is this appropriate?

Meis and his family have declined to comment on yesterday's events to various media outlets, requesting privacy and time to recoup after the trauma.

Someone proclaiming to be a friend of Meis posted on the Reddit thread:

"Hey everyone. Please respect the privacy of my friend Jon. This is a traumatizing experience for everyone in our small community, including Jon. I can't tell you to stop what you are doing as this is already posted. He is with his family and friends and I wish that everyone here please respect that and let him keep his privacy. Please keep the SPU Community in your hearts."

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