Canada Welcomes Touring Bands

This week, the Canadian government reversed year-old legislation that imposed a touring musician fee that many bookers of small clubs in the country found ridiculously expensive. Thanks Canada!

Last August, Canada's Ministry of Employment, Social Development & Multiculturalism suddenly imposed surprise legislation that made touring through the country as a foreign band really pricey.

For a small Seattle band looking to cruise up to Vancouver B.C. for a weekend one-off show, the legislation outlined a $275 application fee for permission to play per band member, plus a blanket work permit fee of $150 for a solo act or $450 for a band. For a standard four-piece outfit, that's $1700. Yikes.

A petition to protest the legislation was immediately launched that ultimately earned 143,000 signatures.

The legislation came without government consultation with any small Canadian venues or bookers, giving clubs who deal in independent artists (acts who aren't Lady Gaga) a major headache to deal with financially.

But that's all done now. So tour away, small Seattle bands. The great North is no longer as figid and expensive as it used to be.

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