IKEA Plans To Demolish Its Renton Store! (To Build A New One!)

IKEA invokes a strong reaction from most people I know. For me, the mere mention of the Sweedish retailer brings to mind infuriating, impossible-to-construct coffee tables and bookshelves, and - of course - meatballs. Somehow we always eat the meatballs when we go to IKEA.

So, then, you can imagine my reaction when I heard the news today that IKEA hopes to demolish its Renton location sooner rather than later. It was a punch to the gut.

The good news, however, was learned upon further research. Yes, IKEA wants to demolish its Renton location ... but only so it can build a slightly bigger and more elaborate furniture-shopping maze in its place!


As the press release sells it, “The proposed 399,000-square-foot new Renton store would consist of two levels, provide nearly 1,700 convenient parking spaces, offer a more current layout and reflect the same unique architectural design for which IKEA stores are known worldwide.”

Presumably, they’d still have the meatballs. The current store is 398,000 square feet.

According to the press release, IKEA has just now submitted plans for the construction to the City of Renton; the application must be reviewed.

Still, it’s coming.

“The new store will be built in part of the current parking area, with the older store ultimately being demolished to allow for more parking. Until the new, updated store opens as early as Fall 2016, customers can continue to shop at the existing Renton store,” the release assures us.

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