Moving to a New Space, KEXP Wants Seattle to Go All In

KEXP is moving into the City Center and they're looking for a little help from their friends. Originally they'd hoped to be moving into the new space this year, which is located just across the courtyard from Vera Project (how convenient!) Construction starts later this year on the space, but move in won't be till late 2015/early 2016.

They're having to shove out of the old space because the current location is just too small for their needs and tucked away in an area that's hardly accessible. The new building looks to be incredibly inviting to the public with space for viewers during in studio performances that currently take place in a tightly-packed room with hardly enough room for videographers, photographer, DJ, and band essential to the event.

To get Seattle-ites in the giving mood and introduce the public to the new spot, KEXP put together a "breaking ground" fundraiser and celebration in the courtyard outside the future building yesterday. The real draw seemed to be a live performance by Seattle darlings The Cave Singers, but the joyful support, whether monetary or in spirit, was palpable. As the evening progressed, a second VIP gathering nearby congratulated the current donors and encouraged them with how their contributions have moved the city into a new era of being known internationally as the city of music.

Check out shots from the afternoon's events.

If you're interested in donating, there's still a lot of opportunities like buying a tile with an inscription of your choice or simply donating up until August 5th will automatically be matched via the "Music Match" program. For more info on everything dealing with the move and new space, they've created a special site to answer any and all questions.

Here's a sneak peek at the imagined location in Seattle Center (all renderings by SkB Architects):

CORRECTION In a previous version of this story an incorrect timeline and fundraising goals for KEXP's move were given. Both have been corrected.

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