Seattle Loses Estimated $6 Million In Productivity During World Cup

The World Cup was fun. Now get back to work.

That’s the big takeaway from a recent analysis of productivity lost during this year’s World Cup. According to SmartAsset, which the Seattle Times describes as a New York personal finance advice firm, our soccer-loving city lost roughly $6 million in productivity during the World Cup. Worldwide the figure was roughly $7 trillion. As SmartAsset astutely asserted prior to the event, “Over 26 days an estimated billion people will watch at least a portion of the World Cup. Some of them will watch games instead of working.”

Sound familiar?

As Erik Lacitis of the Seattle Times summed up:

We ranked No. 7 in lost productivity, with Los Angeles leading the list at nearly $20 million lost money from you people watching the games during working hours, says SmartAsset.

Other cities on the lost-productivity list include New York in second place at roughly $18 million, Chicago at number three at just over $10 million, and San Francisco in fourth at around $9 million.

Totally worth it.

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