Timber Fest 2014, Day One in Still (PHOTOS)

Timber Music Festival, in its second year, didn't slow down one iota. The Artist Home-produced event has that special feeling that always comes with this production team. You're part of a family, having a relaxed and fun-filled day with music, activities, delicious food and a few freebies thrown in (this year REI had marshmallow roasting, sunglasses, and free Kleen Kanteen water bottles for members). The music was solid from beginning to end on Saturday with Everett sweethearts Fauna Shade, Seattle pop divas the Tea Cozies, Hounds of the Wild Hunt throwing the crowd into a tizzy, Seattle Rock Orchestra mellowing us out in the evening and many more in between. See for yourself in the slideshow, it was the best way I could have imagined spending such a beautiful day.

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