Coming Soon To China: Xbox One

The relaxation of a ban on foreign-made gaming consoles in China could mean big bucks for Microsoft. Today the Redmond-based company announced that, as of Sept. 23, the Xbox One will go on sale in China - which stands to be a major new foreign market for the video-game maker.

According to Taylor Soper of Geekwire:

Microsoft today announced that it will begin selling the Xbox One in China on Sept. 23, giving the company access to a massive gaming market.

In partnership with BesTV New Media Co., which will help manufacture the Xbox One in Shanghai’s Free Trade Zone, Microsoft will sell the console for 3,699 yuan (about $600) without the Kinect camera, and for 4,299 yuan ($700) with the Kinect. That’s $200 more than what it sells for in the U.S.

The Xbox One will be the first foreign console available in China since 2000, when the country banned foreign-made gaming machines due to potential mental health effects for children.

As Soper goes on to report, China’s new stance on foreign video game consoles is being viewed as a “economic boon to Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.” There’s no word on what it means for the mental health of Chinese children.

What’s clear from the Geekwire article is that getting in on the action in China early may allow Microsoft to gain ground on Sony’s PS4, which has outsold the Xbox One here in the U.S. and abroad.

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