Best of Seattle: Promotion

It’s great to see kids at the ballpark. Even if those kids don’t understand the rules of the game. Even if those kids are more interested in the Dippin’ Dots stand than that barehanded play by Kyle Seager. Even if the kids are dressed in faux fur jackets instead of Cano jerseys. Even if the kids don’t know that the real McLemore was the one who earned the nickname “Supersub” during the Mariners’ 116-win 2001 season. And those were the types of kids who swarmed Safeco Field during the clubs’ Macklemore Bobblehead promotion, which featured the pop star throwing out the first pitch (complete with selfie) and providing one fan with the thrill of her life by giving her the shirt off his back after a trivia contest. The promotion also marked the launch of a Mack/Mariners anti-bullying campaign, which is a good thing. Baseball needs those kids, and Macklemore got them to the ballpark. Now its up to the M’s to get them to come back.

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