New Nicki Minaj Song 'Anaconda' Inspired by Sir Mix-A-Lot's 'Baby Got Back'

Not that Sir Mix-A-Lot's cultural currency was ever really fading, but the Seattle rapper has had something of a renaissance the past year or so. First Macklemore pulled him into his "White Walls" video, then the Seattle Symphony turned "Baby Got Back" into a full fledged orchestral composition.

Now, Nicki Minaj has jumped on the Mix-A-Lot train with her new "Baby Got Back" sampling single "Anaconda." The song finds Minaj making some of the most creative metaphors about salad I've heard in a while. It's definitely not top-shelf Nicki, but it's fun to see her throw some Seattle in her Brooklyn style.

The cover for the single ignited controversy thanks to some inane outrage over Minaj's prominently featured butt. This quick roundup of the hubbub over at Huffington Post does a good job of illustrating why that outrage is really dumb, especially in 2014.

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