Snohomish Short-Shorts Attack Makes Headlines

Company barbecues can be fun. They can make for fond memories, to be shared around the watercooler for years to come.

And then, sometimes, they can go horribly wrong - as seems to have been the case recently in Snohomish County.

As our sister paper, The Everett Herald, reported Sunday, 25-year-old Alica Rae Hanson has been charged with second-degree felony assault after a company barbecue allegedly turned violent back in June. Hanson, who was officially charged in Snohomish County Court last week, stands accused of attacking a woman over what we’ll call “fashion differences.”

As the Everett Herald’s Scott North reports:

Hanson, of Snohomish, was at a company barbecue June 22, put on by the owner of an area tree service company. She reportedly was displeased with an outfit worn by an employee’s girlfriend, deputy prosecutor Edirin Okoloko said in Snohomish County Superior Court papers.

The defendant confronted the woman about the shorts she was wearing, “claiming that they were too short for the BBQ party and acting in an aggressive manner” toward her, the prosecutor wrote.

Several minutes later, Hanson allegedly ran up to the woman and attacked her. The victim was knocked to the ground by a sudden punch. She was jumped upon, repeatedly struck and her hair pulled out.

As the Herald goes on to report, police arrived to find the victim suffering from broken facial bones and bleeding in the left eye - so this certainly constitutes a real attack and deserves to be taken seriously. The victim also reportedly had “a pile of blond hair extensions,” ripped out during the altercation.

Hanson, according to the Herald, has no previous criminal record,

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