Capitol Hill Von Trapp's Forced To Change Name By Von Trapp Family Member

Above: New name—noticeably lacking in any reference to The Sound of Music

Von Trapp's the giant, Disneyland-like German Beer Hall on 12th Ave near Seattle U has officially changed its name to "Rhein Haus," effective yesterday. The reason?

"Though the owners vetted the original name and got the federal trademark before opening in early 2013, over the past few months concern has arisen with one member of the Trapp family about confusion between the Seattle Von Trapp's and the Trapp Family Lodge in Vermont," a press release from the restaurant states.

Those darn Trapp Family Singers, so cute and talented, but so potentially litigious.

The new name "Rhein Haus" is meant to reference the Rhine River, the longest river in Germany. The beer hall promises none of the food, beer, bocce or atmosphere will change—just the sign out front and the name.

So long, farewell Von Trapp's.

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