Instagram Favorite, 347-Foot-Tall #ThatNWBridge, Officially Closes to the Public

Photo by Billy Savanh via Flickr

Shelton, WA's scenic Vance Creek Bridge, Instragram and Twitter famous as #ThatNWBridge, has officially been closed to the public. Well, technically, it was never open to the public, but that didn't stop fleets of photographers from tresspassing onto the second-tallest railway bridge in America to take some very pretty pictures.

Abandoned in the 1970s after 41 years servicing the timber industry, the bridge suddenly took off with young photographers this past year thanks to its insane heights—347 feet above the ground below—attracting daredevils and adventurers who enoyed sitting on the edge and tip toeing across its dangerous 422 foot expanse.

The property owners of the land the bridge sits on let this all slip by until the site's popularity exploded past the tipping point. Thousands of photos were being posted from the bridge every month, numerous travel websites were posting about the private bridge as if it was a public tourist destination, and the parking lot that lead to the bridge was reportedly almost always full.

Fearful that one person slipping off the bridge and dying would lead to a lawsuit, the property owners closed it off with a barrier and have notified local police to agressively write tickets for any tresspassers.

R.I.P. #ThatNWBridge.

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