Freakin’ Adorable Mountain Lion Cub Finds New Home 2,500 Miles Away

Earlier this month an abandoned mountain lion cub showed up on a doorstep in Kettle Falls, Wash. That kind of stuff just doesn’t happen very often, so rescuers were understandably baffled. A search for the cub’s mother was launched, according to ABC News, though it sadly proved unsuccessful. Suffering from malnutrition and dehydration, the cub was sent to Mt. Spokane Veterinary Hospital for temporary care.

But what could have been a sad story has instead generated a happy ending, as the cub - which apparently has not yet been named - has found a new home with ZooAmerica, described by ABC News as “an AZA accredited zoo,” in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

In a statement posted on ZooAmerica’s website, the zoo staff seems thrilled:

Welcome the littlest, big addition to ZooAmerica: Our new mountain lion cub! This orphaned cub was found malnourished and dehydrated on a porch in Washington State when he was only a few weeks old. After his mother was unable to be located, he was taken into veterinary care before flying cross country to ZooAmerica.

The little guy is currently off exhibit under the care of ZooAmerica staff in the Animal Health Building.

Because we know cute-ass pictures is what you're here for, let us now direct you to the ZooAmerica Facebook page.

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