Fall Arts: Boom!

Breakdance fusion, Internet addiction, piano marathons, and misery memoirs: The new season begins with a bang.

On an institutional level, the Northwest arts and culture scene is booming like Amazon. Tacoma Art Museum is opening a new wing in November devoted to the art of the American West. The Egyptian reopens next month under SIFF’s auspices. Café Nordo will begin dinner-theater productions in the vacant former Elliott Bay Book Company space in November. And January will see the opening of two theater stages in the new 12th Avenue Arts building, serving Washington Ensemble Theatre, New Century Theatre Company, and Strawberry Theatre Workshop.

Filling those new venues, as well as Seattle’s established arts havens, will be the artists who continue to serve this city’s cultural ascension. In the stories for this year's Guide to the Fall Arts, we meet a few of them, including fusion choreographer Amy O’Neal, marathon pianist Jonathan Powell, theatrical impresario Linda Hartzell, memoirists Elissa Washuta and Domingo Martinez, artist Nikki McClure, and filmmaker Shaun Scott. All have notable new works during the new season, which is also packed full of highlights that can be found in our calendar of fall events.

For all the talk of books, film, and music moving to the cloud for private at-home consumption, there are promising signs for the city’s arts and culture scene—being written in bricks and mortar, where people actually gather and discuss what they’ve seen.

Table of Contents

Fall Arts Calendar of Events

Choreographer Amy O'Neal's Keeps Her Feet in Both Camps
The choreographer is working outside the academy and embracing hip-hop dance. By Sandra Kurtz

Jonathan Powell's Seven-Hour Solution.
How an English pianist is introducing marathon music to new ears. By Gavin Borchert

The Impatient, Irreplaceable Linda Hartzell
Beginning its 40th season, Seattle Children’s Theatre has thrived under her direction by catering to the short-attention set. By Jonathan Longenbaugh

The Highs and Lows of Elissa Washuta
Her stunning new memoir will make you rethink mental illness. By Gwendolyn Elliott

The Fall and Rise of Domingo Martinez
In his new memoir, the author turns from Texas troubles to Seattle turmoil. By Brian Miller

A Walk in the Goddamn Woods with Nikki McClure
Why her paper-cut art is always in season. By Kelton Sears

Filmmaker Shaun Scott's history lessons
The young filmmaker fuses the archival and the personal in his new romance. By Brian Miller

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