Investing in Solar Energy on Capitol Hill Will Save Money on Your Light Bill Through 2020

Sheryl Crow is so stoked for Seattle today because City Light customers can finally participate in the Capitol Hill EcoDistrict's Community Solar program.

What is the Capitol Hill EcoDistrict's Community Solar program, you ask?

It's pretty simple. Capitol Hill Housing (CHH), the folks behind the neighborhood's affordable housing projects, are installing a 25-kilowatt solar array on the top of its 10th and John project, the Holiday Apartments.

City Light customers can invest $150 into the array, and thereafter "participants will receive reimbursement for their contribution as a credit on their electric bills through June 2020. Those credits should pay back the cost of a participant’s original investment and then some. City Light will fund the upfront capital costs and own and maintain the system until June 2020. When the program ends, City Light will donate the system to CHH to provide clean, free electricity to offset the operating costs for that affordable housing property."

"This is the democratization of solar power,” says Joel Sisolak, EcoDistrict Project Director for CHH. “Anyone in Seattle can participate, including renters and people who don’t want to pay thousands of dollars to own their own PV array. This is a super low risk way to support renewable energy and affordable housing.”

If you're into clean energy and saving money on your bills, you can sign up to participate in the project here.

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