Local Punk Band FF Celebrates its Debut LP 'Lord' In the Middle of a Wind Storm (A GIF Comic)

FF celebrated the release of one of my favorite albums this year, Lord, by playing a free show on Thursday at Capitol Hill's Spin Cycle record store.

I was excited to see them play because FF is sort of an elusive group. The Seattle-based trio put out an awesome EP in 2012, then pulled it from the internet soon after, wiping away most of their web presence. When I heard local record label Couple Skate was going to be releasing the band's first LP, I was pretty hyped to finally get to listen again.

I wasn't let down—Lord is a non-stop DIY punk masterpiece full of dreamy, grungy riffs that are perfect for walking around in a NW storm, which is funny, because that's exactly what happened the night the band played. Read my GIF comic on the show below, and make sure to pick up the record from Spin Cycle or order a special screenprinted edition from Couple Skate before they're all gone. Play the LP's single "Caught in a Dream" while you read for full immersive rawk effect.

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