Tales of Chop Suey: Five Comics About Capitol Hill's Beloved Venue

Its future may be unclear, but hey, at least we can celebrate its salty past with some cartoons.

Illustration by Max Clotfelter.

I will always remember the night Ty Segall played Chop Suey on Cinco de Mayo in 2012. Some of my friends who weren't 21 yet managed to sneak in the back, only to get rained on by tiny bottles of tequila from the piñata someone had strung up over the audience for the occasion. I think I crowd-surfed five times that night. Such a tale of the Chop is not unique to me; many share similar fond memories.

Until January 20, the club will remain an incredible place to see scuzzy, sticky shows and be gloriously shady with your best friends, if that's your thing. The kind of place where you can befriend the door guy or the bartender or the booker because, well, they're friendly and they care—about music, the scene in Seattle, and you too. The kind of place where local bands can feel like national bands, because the crowd dances and cheers like they mean it. While it's unclear what will become of the beloved venue after next week, one thing is certain: It's been a wild ride. We asked some of our favorite local illustrators to turn five tales of Chop Suey, told to me by a small group of folks who knew and loved it, into comics. Enjoy. -​Kelton Sears

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