GIF Comic Review: Newaxeyes Sound Like the Internet, Funerals and Government Conspiracies

A rumination on the Seattle band's incomparable vibe from its recent show at Vermillion.

I fell in love with Newaxeyes "Assange" the first time I heard it. What a weird song. It cradles you and sings you to sleep by putting your head in a vice and pummeling your body with what sounds like an angry dial-up modem. "Church," the b-side to the band's only release, the "Assange" 12" single, has a similar effect. Also, both songs have the same exact run-length, 6:54. There's probably some illuminati stuff going on here.

I hadn't gotten a chance to see the band until last night, when they performed the headlining slot at Vermillion for the Tables & Chairs electronic showcase, an oddball jazz record label/collective formed by UW music alumni who host shows at Cafe Racer sometimes. It was a great show, and if you like what you hear, know that the music's physicality only makes it better to see in person. Newaxeyes is playing again next week at Kremwerk on Thursday, so don't miss out if you didn't catch last night's performance. Here's a little flavor of what a Newaxeyes show is like:

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