3 Top Winners, Losers From Last Night's Election


1. Mayor Ed Murray
The old Irish bird-watcher and politically-savvy vote-counter expended a lot of political capital in pursuing a hugely expensive transportation levy. And damn it, he won! Murray worked it hard, appearing with community leaders at transit stations, bus stops, and congested intersections. The man did everything but pick up a shovel and fill in some potholes, which we suggest he do on occasion the remainder of his first term in office.

2. Councilmember Tim Burgess
The veteran councilman ran hard and took nothing for granted, and was rewarded with a lopsided victory over rent-control advocate Jon Grant, the guy The Stranger described in their semi-strenuous endorsement of him as giving off a “serial-killer vibe.”

Burgess now has the world by the tail: Two more years in office, which he told the Weekly many months ago, that’s all he really wanted. But even way better, he’s now solidly positioned – if in fact Rob Johnson and Shannon Braddock hold on to their election night leads – to forge a center-left council coalition that will include himself, Bruce Harrell, and Sally Bagshaw.

We guess Tim will be chowing down on the chicken at Betty, his favorite neighborhood restaurant atop Queen Anne.

3. African elephants, lions, sharks and other imperiled species around the world.


1. Rich widow, political power broker Faye Garneau
OK, Faye, we all know you spent a pile, some $325,000, to defeat the Move Seattle levy, but you can’t win ‘em all. Just ask the S.F. Giants; it’s tough to win back to back championships, so be content that you successfully bankrolled a victory in 2013 that delivered us district elections.

2. Councilmember Kshama Sawant
She was looking to build a movement and wanted to take ideological control of the City Council. It doesn’t look like that’s in the cards. She needed Lisa Herbold to beat Braddock (still possible), Michael Maddux to knock off Johnson (very unlikely), or at least Grant to quash Burgess (dead on arrival), to assume the role of Queen Progressive. First off, she didn’t do all that well last night against Pamela Banks. Take our word for it: Tim Burgess is smiling right now.

3. The Stranger
Just check out their council endorsements and see how hard they beat the drum for Grant over Burgess, for Herbold over Braddock, for Maddux over Johnson, and, after much soul-searching, for Tammy Morales over incumbent Bruce Harrell.

Ellis E. Conklin covers politics and development for Seattle Weekly. He can be reached at econklin@seattleweekly.com or 206-467-4365. Follow him on Twitter at @conkline.

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