Reviews: Every Local Release

Sam Anderson, “Close” (out now, self-released, Anticipation drips from each piano chord as Anderson, of Hey Marseilles fame, blends soft lyrics and layered vocals with electronic spurs that create a calm and mellow feeling.

The Comettes, The Comettes (out now, self-released, They haven’t even been together a year, but the Comettes have already established their own psychedelic footprint. The band’s self-titled EP is filled with echoey guitar riffs, haunting vocals, a steady organ, and other ’60s favorites. But Timmy Sunshine’s contemplative, candid lyrics give the songs a fresh, contemporary sound. (April 4, Triple Door)

Ctrl_Alt_Dlt, The Universe Room EP, (out now, Innerflight Music, Heavy beats and dark tones flutter across these four tracks, mostly remixes of the title song, “The Universe Room (Original Mix)”; that techno tune is drenched with pulsating rhythm and leaves a haunting feeling.

* Dark Time Sunshine, “Some Place Special” (out now, Fake Four, Inc., Another brilliant Zavala-produced beat over which Onry Ozzborn spills cryptic thoughts on life’s journey and on what people think of him: “When I smile, I just enjoy when I’m pickin’ apart the people who score life like age, boy.” (Thurs., March 28, Crocodile)

Out on the Streets, “We Need More Alcohol” (out now, self-released, After hearing this Strokes-y tune with grumbling lyrics about trying to score booze “just to know that we can feel,” you will too. Or you can read Anna Karenina, complete with feelings, no booze required.

Week of Wonders, Failures (self-released, out now, If tropical indie-pop is a genre, then WoW, judging by their debut EP, can be declared its kings. Bandleader/ex–Orca Team member Leif Anders (credited here as Tim McClanahan) distills calypso into punk rock, with melodies as sweet and intoxicating as spiced rum. (Thurs., March 28, Black Lodge)

Thad Wenatchee, “Peace Blockade” (out now, self-released, Goofy Bellingham hip-hop like The GNU Deal meets Tribe Called Quest—a lazy-lipped, jazzy track.

* Whacka, “Yup/Digital Love” (out now, Simplify Recordings, Whacka is the name of the blue mole in Super Mario Brothers. It’s also the name under which Netherlands-based producer Bouwe de Vries released these two glitch-hop tracks on Seattle’s Simplify Recordings. Imagine Amy Grant, Kanye West, and Aphex Twin toe-to-toe in a b-boy battle: sputtering, weird, and hella crunky.

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