Editor's Pick: Bob Seger

If the American heartland were to distill its many virtues into a lone human, that person would be Bob Seger—more specifically, vintage Seger: unshaven, shirtless, jeans-clad, smoking an unfiltered Winston and drinking his ninth Schlitz through a toothy grin on the hood of a black ’67 Impala. If you’re splitting a case of canned beer in a parked convertible under a sky lit only by stars, there’s no better artist to be listening to, which makes the LeMay Car Museum’s pre-funk for Seger’s Tacoma Dome show a peculiar slice of perfection. Opening will be Eagle Joe Walsh, whose Maserati goes 185. Tacoma Dome, 2727 E. D St., 253-272-3663 . 8 p.m. $50–$115. All ages. For details on the LeMay pre-show party, visit lemaymuseum.org.

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