*The Postal Service, “Turn Around”

(out now, Sub Pop, postalservicemusic.net): Included on the 10th-anniversary deluxe edition of Give Up are two new songs: “A Tattered Line of String” (see below) and this one, sounding as evolved as computer music can be these days. Whereas “String” sounds like a peppy Pet Shop Boys remix, “Turn Around” comes off like a glitchy, blip-filled Erasure B side. But for fans of Ben Gibbard’s laptop tunes, that’s not the point—the man who sped away in his gleaming Death Cab has finally delivered more of what they crave. (Mon., May 27, Gorge Amphitheater)

*The Postal Service, “A Tattered Line of String”

(out now, Sub Pop, postalservicemusic.net): Doled out one by one these days, this single—the first of two additions (with “Turn Around,” see above) on Give Up’s reissue—is packed with a heap of electro beats. Ben Gibbard tests a lower octave which makes him sound like he’s trying to seduce you.

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