Show Review: Chaos Chaos Comes Home, San Cisco Gets “Awkward”

Asya and Chloe Saavedra are no strangers to the Seattle music scene. In fact, the pair spent their pre-teen years honing their musical chops as indie-pop act Smoosh. They’ve since set up camp in Brooklyn, developed a more aggressive sound, and returned to the spotlight as Chaos Chaos. That’s why Tuesday night’s show at Neumos was a homecoming of sorts—heavy on hometown expectations.

“I’m a little bit nervous now,” keyboardist/vocalist Asya admitted early on. “Especially because we have a lot of friends in the audience - from some really great bands.”

Among them? Kendra Cox of Lemolo and David Einmo of Head Like A Kite. If anything, the added pressure seemed a welcome challenge for the sisters, who spent the next 30 minutes delivering a set of dreamy, percussion-driven pop cut from both their Smoosh discography and the Chaos Chaos EP.

Chaos Chaos isn’t a huge departure from Smoosh; rather, it seems like the next chapter in the girls’ growing sound. In this tradition, older track “Promises,” served a welcome introduction to “In This Place,” the latter showing a harder, more cohesive rock sound. And their slow-burning cover of Tegan and Sara’s “Closer” showed the pair isn’t scared to take risks.

If anything, the new material is a sign the Saavedra sisters have grown up, and filled-out their lighter material with more texture and girth.

Aussie headliners San Cisco have limited visibility in the States, but the crowd—heavy on teeny boppers with indie sensibilities—were eager for the act to take the stage, and were quicker to sing along with frontman Jordi Davieson.

Riding on the popularity of breakout single “Awkward,” the quartet’s crisp, beachy indie rock sits somewhere between Vampire Weekend and early Rooney. In this tradition, every song seems bubbly and fancy-free, even a scorn track called “Toast”—which Davieson explained to be a song about “someone I really, really don’t like.” In fact, if you don’t pay close attention to the lyrics, you might miss the entire agenda of the track.

Yet the highlight of the night was easily their closing performance of “Awkward,” which had the entire room bouncing to the cheeky, sing-song banter between Davieson and drummer Scarlett Stevens.

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