Seattle Covers Seattle on Ball of Wax 31

Various Artists, Ball of Wax 31: Covers (out now, self-released, If you need yet more proof of Seattle’s thriving—and diverse—music scene, look no further than this compilation of local talent, the 31st installment curated by singer-songwriter Levi Fuller. With a hyper-local focus, this time artists cover each other: Caitlin Sherman takes on Norman Baker’s “Telegrams from Paradise” with a delicate touch of piano keys.

Shenandoah Davis turns Colin J. Nelson’s “Bourbon and Tea” into a tune flowing with staccatos and pulsing carnival vibes. Nelson then adds a gentle, acoustic flair to Alicia Amiri’s hard-rocking “Darkness In Me.” The distinct and versatile sounds of the city are succinctly captured here.

(Shenandoah Davis, Sat., April 20, St. Mark’s Cathedral)

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