Dave B Previews new EP with “Galaxy Defenders” Video

Dave B: rapping young person; 2013 EMP Sound Off! champion; charismatic galaxy defender.

B just released a video for the first single from his upcoming The Doughnuts EP, which finds the rapper and a couple friends/special agents (including local rapper/producer Sam Lachow) locked in battle with a caped and tin-foiled extraterrestrial. The spoils are, of course, a lovely lady — accosted in front of her quiet estate — who dishes out a enthusiastic high-five upon rescue. Thanks Dave B!

The song is an upbeat jam with classic De La Soul-esque soft brags and fun-time raps that match the tone of the video well. Additionally, the track is a continuation of the chill vibe off last year’s MCMXCII, which seems to be his power alley. His voice and personality have grown on me considerably since seeing him play the preliminary round of Sound Off! (which I helped judge), and I officially have high hopes for the guy. All in all, a pleasurable experience, and bonus: “No aliens were harmed in the making of this film.”

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