Postal Service Doc Gets Immediately Nostalgic

Casual fans who missed the Postal Service’s Seattle performance last week can fill the gaping holes in their hearts, at least partially, with Some Idealistic Future, a brief doc, produced by The Creators Project (a partnership between Intel and Vice), and released earlier today. There is some nice footage from the current tour, spliced between an overview of the group’s unlikely, and short-lived, stint in 2003; thoughts from founders Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tamborello on their return to play those songs earlier this year, some backstage footage and shots of Gibbard dribbling a basketball and talking about the state of indie rock at the turn of the millenium.

And then, of course, there are the memories. Seeking a more immediate nostalgia, fans of the band imagine themselves unrecognizeable from their former selves who fell in love with Give Up when it was released just ten years ago, a foggy past shrouded in emotional vulnerability.

“It brought me back to my angsty high school years,” says a twentysomething dude at the beginning of the doc.

“It’s been humbling to see how much that record means to people,” says Gibbard a little later, “because I haven’t interfaced with that in ten years.”

It’s kind of irritating for the story of a very current band playing meaningful songs to still-angsty twentysomethings to be cast in the shadow of the “good old bad days,” as if this were Page and Plant reuniting.

That said, it’s very sweet when Jenny Lewis (who joined the band for its reunion) sheds tears when recalling a performance of “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight” at 4:10. “These dudes made this amazing thing,” she says. “The fact that people are still stoked about it is amazing.” It’s enough to make you nostalgic for this tour, and it isn’t even over yet.

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