B’shoot Review: Baroness Holds Dudefest Northwest

There were very few ladies in the crowd for Georgia’s heavy metal heroes, Baroness.

Perhaps it’s the throaty, Nickleback-esque gut growl that Baroness’ vocal stylings recall. Or it could be the macho man antics of the two guitarists, whose peacock struts and spread legged power-stances reminded me of some of Spinal Tap’s finer moments. One of the long-haired guitarists performed the whole show with his shirt off and made sure to stand on the lip of the stage to pose for the photographers whenever he could. He looked like an avatar you might choose in Guitar Hero.

But again—most of the crowd seemed to consist of dudes throwing up the horns and head banging.

I couldn’t get into the sausagefest—but I will say that Baroness’ shred-heavy music made me want to replay Castlevania. Something about the doubled up power metal guitar and the evil sounding melodic riffage made me want to go out and fight vampires with these guys soundtracking me. Like vampires, Baroness seem to possess powers that keep them from being killed by normal means, (LINK: so you’ve got to give them credit for that. But again, I would’ve liked to listen to something less testosterone blasted.

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