Listen to Plants Make Music for Decibel’s Opening Gala

Plants, like all living things, give off electric pulses.

Even though they just kind of sit there and grow quietly, underneath the surface there are micro-impulses that zip through them. An artist named Mileece decided to give the plants some agency by allowing their electric impulses to dictate sound. By hooking up electrodes to plant leaves, Mileece devised a system that interprets the plant’s bioelectricity into code that triggers music.

When she’s got enough plants hooked up, you get a sort of magical organic symphony, a chirping, biorhythmic sonic flood.

In an hour and a half (5:30 to be exact), Mileece will transform the Chihuly Garden into one of her trademark cellulose symphonies for the opening gala of this week’s Decibel fest. In the same way the electronic music Decibel celebrates inevitably collides with the biologic (i.e. your butt shaking to the groove) Mileece’s opening ceremony seems especially poignant. Technology can seem like a counterforce to the wellness of the Earth at times, but in Mileece’s case, it’s a tool to help it talk.

After all the bio-grooving, make sure not to miss Peter Hook playing New Order’s classic album Power, Corruption & Lies over at Neumos, an album that coincidentally has a bunch of flowers on the cover. Also, be aware that the Riff-Raff playing at Chop Suey tonight is not the same Riff Raff that James Franco channels in Spring Breakers.

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