Aspiring Musicians: This is a Networking Wet-Dream

Here’s a helpful hint to all the aspiring indie rockers out there: Go to this show! The top-billed performers—Bazan, Walla, and the Winters’ John Roderick—are a triumvirate of local musicians who could help your career immensely. Between them, they have talent for miles, but they also know the bulk of the town’s most influential music-makers, many of whom will be in attendance, so bring a stack of download cards and distribute them liberally.

In terms of honing your songwriting, you could do a lot worse than Roderick and The Long Winters, who will play their 2003 indie classic When I Pretend to Fall in its entirety. Not only is the album one of the great indie releases of the aughts, but if you befriend Roderick and write a song with him, you could win an award like the one he got for his work with Canadian singer/songwriter Kathleen Edwards: the 2012 SOCAN Songwriting Prize, given annually to the most creative and artistic work in Canadian independent music.

Bazan is another guy who’s been making gorgeous music in this town for years—first in Pedro the Lion, then Headphones, and now as a solo artist. The New York Times called his most recent work, 2011’s Strange Negotiations, “one of the year’s most affecting rock albums.” Play your download cards right, and the Times could be writing about your affecting album next year.

Completing the trifecta is Death Cab guitarist Walla, also an early member of The Long Winters. But it isn’t just his band allegiances that make him an influential local force; it’s also his prowess as producer, having worked on records by Ra Ra Riot, Tegan and Sara, and the Decemberists. His latest endeavor, Trans-Records, is home to The Lonely Forest and Cumulus—both from Anacortes (why not Walla Walla?)—who at one time didn’t know Mr. Walla. So what are you waiting for? Even if you don’t manage to get your band signed, at least you’ll spend an evening hearing some of the best indie rock this town has to offer while celebrating the 15th b-day of Barsuk Records.

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