Sub Pop’s Newly Signed Mystery Band is Revealed...

As we posted yesterday, Sub Pop has been teasing fans about a new, well-established band joining the label. The group’s identity was kept a secret, save for a mysterious 15-second clip and a few scant clues positing that they were “an artist that we’ve been HUGE fans of for years—artists with an established fan base who would be welcome at any record label that they please.”

We were told:

-It has nothing to do with Thom Yorke.

-They have never released anything through Sub Pop before.

-They aren’t American or Canadian.

Well, after 1000 Radiohead guesses, we finally have an answer.


The mystery band is, The Notwist:

The German band will be releasing its first album in six years on Sub Pop, Close To The Glass, out February 25. Below is the title track, which takes a bunch of tabla drums and glitches them out for something that, fair enough, sounds sort of like Radiohead. Thom Yorke definitely likes his krautrock, but The Notwist's cold austerity is authentically German. DAS IST GUT!

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