Tunesday: Sandrider Album, New Damien Jurado Video, A Very Heart Holiday

Glorious Tunesday tidings. Here’s your weekly NW music news roundup:

Sandrider release Godhead

Good To Die Records' gnar-rock band Sandrider put out its latest album Godhead today. This is some straight up red, white and blue rock music. Opening up with a "We Will Rock You" drumbeat, the album is a chugging beef-fest of brütal riffs that would easily pass Beavis & Butthead's couch-bound music video critiques.

That's partially because, as many have already noted, the album harkens back to 90s era grunge and hard rock. If you plan on riding your motorcycle through a ring of fire anytime soon, consider putting this record on. Check out "Champions" below, or stream the whole album here.

Damien Jurado Releases New Music Video

The last we heard from Damien Jurado, he was excercising his I-502 rights by smoking a whole bunch of weed in the studio, working on a new dub (or, doob) influenced record.

The ganj seems to have awakened Jurado's inner-groove-thang, on display in his psyched out new tune "Silver Timothy." Eschewing his singer/songwritery tendencies for something more along the lines of Caribou, the song is an exciting peek into the new, spacier direction Jurado's headed for his upcoming LP, Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son due out Jan 21 on Secretly Canadian.

Heart for the Holidays

Above: The art for Heart's new holiday single. ​Sweet Earth ornament.

After winning everyone over at Bumbershoot and getting inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this year, Heart are wrapping up 2013 by releasing a holiday single. Side A, "All Through the Night," is a reworking of a traditional Welsh fok song. Side B: "Please Come Home for Christmas" is a cover of the 1961 Charles Brown classic. If you don't know what to buy your mom for Christmas, Heart's got you covered.

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