Seahawks Shutout Proves Costly for Jet Chevrolet

Seahawks fans love winning. Even more, they love shutouts. And aided by Eli Manning’s five interceptions, yesterday they celebrated both.

But one Federal Way car dealership might not be celebrating. As ESPN reports, Jet Chevrolet ran a promotion last week that would split $420,000 amongst 12 people if the Seahawks shutout the Giants ... which, of course, they did.

“This is crazy,” dealership owner Jim Johnson told ESPN. “We never expected that we’d actually be giving away the money.”


The good news for Jet Chevrolet is the dealership took out insurance on the promotion that cost $7,000, but will likely save it from the full $420,000 brunt of the gimmick.

But still ...

According to ESPN, if you bought a car from Jet Chevrolet during the four-day promotion - which 20 people did - you received 100 entries. If you didn’t buy a car, you could still enter, but got only one entry. The drawing to see which 12 people will be $35,000 richer will be held today, apparently once the insurance agency provides Jet Chevrolet with some guidance.

“We’re a car dealership, we’re not used to doing something like this,” Johnson told ESPN.

Perhaps that’s a good lesson for the future.

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